On Saturday afternoon, my mom went back home. After over two months with us, she was part of our everyday life. Kirsi loved going upstairs in the morning to wake Gramma up and help her get ready. At night, Gramma read stories and said prayers with us and Kirsi gave her a big hug and kiss. Mom helped out so much around the house and with the kids - it was fantastic having her here. It seems so strange not to have her around. Kirsi and I took her to the airport. Once she got her luggage checked and her boarding passes, we hung out together. She got one last hurrah at taking Kirsi to the potty at the airport!

Of course it was a tearful goodbye. And this time Kirsi realized that Gramma was going away and she cried and cried. She cried for 20 minutes and kept asking why Gramma was leaving. It was heartbreaking! I can't imagine what it's going to be like at Christmas after we spend six weeks with our families. This is the hardest part about living overseas, being so far away from family and having to say goodbye.
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