We had a great Christmas at the farm this year. Christmas Eve, Kirsi left out cookies and milk for Santa and cucumbers for the reindeer (yes, a unique choice for reindeer food but I was lazy and just put out what was already cut up!). On Christmas morning, she was surprised that it was all gone and she treasured the note that Santa had written to her. Kirsi had a blast opening up all her presents – and she had many – and helping Aidan open his. Aidan, of course, much preferred to play with the wrapping paper and bows than his actual presents. ☺ Kirsi started to understand the concept of Santa this year, though she still wasn’t too into the hype of Santa nor was she convinced that sitting on his lap was a good thing. When we asked her what she wanted Santa to bring her this year, she said, “Presents.” I know that next year she’ll be into full Santa mode so I enjoyed this year very much.

We opened up presents early in the morning – she had been so patient all week and even earlier that morning – with Grampa, Gramma, Auntie Kristin and Uncle Dean. Once all the presents had been opened, it was time to play! Teagan, Uncle Bruce and Auntie Deanna came over later and so did Uncle Jarrod and Courtenay. Gramma made a huge turkey meal that we got to enjoy for supper – mmm! It was a great day spent with family. Kids really do make Christmas special.

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