Saturday, June 16th was a big day for my sister and her fiancé.  They had been planning their wedding for months and the day they had was perfect - no rain, a few clouds and the perfect temperature.  We were all a part of their wedding.  Kirsi was a flower girl, Aidan was ring bearer, Der did the first reading and I was maid of honour.

Here is the altar of the church - it was so beautiful!

Kirsi getting her hair done at the salon - one of her favourite parts of the day!  Too bad the curls fell out and Mom had to redo her hair before the ceremony.  :(

My sister and Kirsi at the salon:

A family photo outside the church: 

And a family photo with our niece, the other flower girl: 

Our handsome "dragon" ring bearer, as he called himself:

A candid shot of the kids after they were picking grass:

Our kiddos on the old plough out at the farm:

Another plough shot:

Dean's cousin is an artist and he made this cake topper for them - it's perfect for them: rifles, dog and all!

This is the cake table - the cake and cupcakes were so beautiful!
We didn't get any shots of the wedding party.  While we were taking group photos, the photographer made sure that we knew that she was the one taking photos.  Then we forgot about pictures as the day wore on.  So, I'll have to wait until her pics come back to get copies of those.
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